In this modern age every website designer and developer want to earn money from his website. For this purpose web developer use advertisements on his website. There are different advertising companies that are working. It is a good way of earning money from site.

Its is now a earning source. Every one in Pakistan and India, wants a website and put advertisements on it, to get money. Top rank sites use good ads like Google ad that ads are safe and not dirty. But some low rank sites can't get these ads therefore they use bad and dirty companies which provides bad ads. That ads are very very dirty. It is very bad thing. Some times we are using internet seating in family and these ads become shameful for us. It was a great problem but it will not stay any more. Now some steps are as follows for firefox.
Steps for Hiding Ads on Mozilla Firefox:
Step 1: Go to "Ad Block Plus"  after this click on " Add to Firefox"
Step 2: It will automatically Downloaded to your computer, Press "Install Now" mozilla will request you to restart me again. Restart your mozilla firefox.
Step 3: After restarting your browser you see a message from ad block plus. It shows that you have successfully installed ad block plus.
Steps for Hiding Ads on Google Chrome:
Step 1: Go to Ad Block which is a extension by Google.
Step 2: Click on Free which is at top right side.
Step 3: Click on Add it will installed to your Google chrome.
Note: Some time some sites like Google analytic are not open due to ad block.
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