Website traffic and Alexa rank are very important for site to become able for marketing.Increase(improve) Website Traffic and Alexa Rank of Your Sites. Take some steps for search engine optimization of your website. Learn about SEO. There are many important steps that helps to increase your site traffic. A website having 6K + viewers daily can do good business in market. The question is that how we can increase website traffic which is most importing. We can write many posts but we can't get our required traffic. The answer of this question is that we write but not with strategy. We should use good keywords and a great content. The content should be different form other website which are present on internet. The main points of SEO are writing good contents, putting Alt tags, using good keywords, and back link building. Now I tell these things step by step.
1:SEO for Website:
    The main points of SEO are writing good contents, putting Alt tags, using good keywords, and back link building. Now I write these steps in a sequence where and when these steps are use. The sequence is as follows:

  1. Pick a good keyword for your blog/website ID
  2. Pick a good keyword for your blog/website tittle
  3. Write a good description
  4. Turn on you website for Search Engines
  5. Write Robot tag
  6. Use meta tags
 All above steps are most important for your website. All the settings are present in Blogger settings>Search Engine settings. It will effect your website or Blog traffic.
2:Writing Good Content:
                    Writing good content is most important for your site. Use most visited keyword in your posts. The question is that how we can use key words? Don't use keywords in a single type, Use in different types. Your content should be different from other site. Don't copy from other websites if you copy the content from other site your  blog will be deleted by Google. Then you will realise the importance of you fault. This thing takes a little time about 4 months. Try hard and provide some important, useful and entrusting  thing to people.
                               Keywords are the keys of your site because it unlock your site on search engines. Keywords take your site up in google search and other search engines. Use most visited key words in your posts, headings, and title. There are many site which provides the facility of checking the keyword strength.By using this half of your SEO is done.
4:Backlink Building:
                    Backlinking building is all a important step SEO. Put your address in different directories and blogs and site. It will keep your site up in google Search and Alexa rank. Your back links are counted by Alexa and other rank checking site.
5:How to Increase(improve) Alexa Rank of Your Sites:
 All above steps are for improving your alexa rank. To submit your site login to alexa by using Facebook or create an account on it.It will then rank your site.
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