Every one desires that his site become at the top in alexa ranking. It's very important to enhance(increase or improve) your website alexa ranking. Alexa ranking is very important for website to become able for marketing. Take some steps for search engine optimization of your website Add your site to alexa for this you should sing in to alexa. Alexa is a web rank checking website. Put your website url in the box.

There are many important steps that helps to increase your site traffic. A website having 6K + viewers daily can do good business in market. The question is that how we can increase website traffic which is most importing. We can write many posts but we can't get our required traffic. The answer of this question is that we write but not with strategy. We should use good keywords and a great content. The content should be different form other website which are present on internet. The main points of SEO are writing good contents, putting Alt tags, using good keywords, and back link building. Now I tell these things step by step.
What is Alexa?
Alexa is a website ranking checking site. It also gives us information about most searched keywords, back links, country from where most visitors came, earning of site and many other things.
Alexa toolbar have a great roll to increase your site ranking. When a visiter come to your site by using alexa toolbar then alexa increase you web rank. Therefore, Alexa toolbar is very important.
Now some tips are give below:
1: Enhance Your website Traffic:
Increase your site traffic by increasing viewers of your site. It is only possible when your website will appear at top in search results. So, Take some steps for SEO.
2: Install a Alexa Rank Widget:
Alexa Rank widget is used to show your site rank and backlinks of your site on your site. It will create a good impression on your viewers. TO add a alexa widget on your site copy the code from alexa and paste in your html page.
3: Install a Alexa Rank Toolbar:
Install alexa toolbar it will be very effective for you blog and site to enhance your website ranking.  Alexa ranking go to this link and get it there.
4: Enter your website to Alexa:
Go to  Alexa ranking this link and sing in to it by using your E-mail address. Click on add new site and then enter your web url. After alexa will give a html coding, you should paste it to your site's html. Then your site will appear on  Alexa ranking.
5: Create Backlinks of Your Website:
Enter your site url to different directories. Then your backlinks will be created soon.
6: Connect Your site to Facebook and Other one's:
Create your page on different social sites ot get more traffic.
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